+/- Let's Build a Fire

Hearing the staticy, jazzy horn intro to the new +/- record Let’s Build a Fire, you almost expect a backpacker rapper to start flowing or an RJD2 sample heavy 808 beat to follow. Instead, you get James Baluyut’s voice and some loud guitars and you realize this album is not really going to be something you can lump into a generic category.

I find it hard to tell people what I like about +/- or why you should listen to them. Early feedback on the album has this album helping make +/- into the 2006 Arcade Fire, which I think is a stretch, as I don’t think the band sound remotely like tAF, and the album (depsite how good it is) won’t have the appeal.

The album is great. It ranges from poppy, finger picked ditties and subtle drums/drum machines that crescendo slowly (think of less up-tempo stylings of Pinback) to melancholy 60’s pop-ballads to fuzzy shoegazing guitars to straight up prog-rock songs (that unfortunately will get lost on a lot of people).

The reason I don’t think this album will help the NY based band explode into the limelight is because the album is so diverse and fringes on styles of music that people are so quick to dismiss. Terms like prog-rock attract a lot of people – like me for instance – but will also cause bands to get dismissed without a listen.

Check out two tracks from the album:
M4A:: One Day You’ll Be There – via I’m So Sorry
MP3:: Steal the Blueprint – via IGIF

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