Mason Jennings - new album

I'm always surprised by the fact Mason Jennings isn't hugely popular. I first heard his music in the Malloy's surf movie, Shelter, and within about two weeks I owned anything I could find with his name on the cover. Not only that, but he toured with JJ (Jack, not Jeff Jerrett) and Jack even started covering Sorry Signs on Cash Machines live (and let's be honest, Jack could recommend the Olsen twins doing spoken word and 10,000 people would flood the gates).

But for some reason, Mason just kept on keeping on (or to quote the chorus in one of my least favorite Mason songs - "Keeping it keeping it re-e-eal"), playing small intimate shows for happy but sparse fans. Now he is releasing his latest album, Bonecloud on Sony/Epic music. So right now you are thinking, "who cares if it is on Sony?" Well, this is his first major label release, and it is the first release from Modest Mouse's frontman Issac Brock new imprint, Glacial Pace. If you can't get the hype machine started with Jack Johnson and Isaac Brock loving your brand, you never will.

But hype or no hype, this guy is a great songwriter. His rootsy, simple lyrical vocal style blends together seemlessly with an ever increasing range of styles. He borders on reggae, alt-country, country, americana all without trying to sound like anything or anyone else. His unique variations on tracks reminds me of another artists currently getting a lot of play from me - Josh Ritter.

Anyway, I hope this album helps people realize how truly talented this guy is. I saw him play the first night of his two night set in Toronto on his last tour, and along with the 30 other people there, left very very grateful for the experience. Check out the video for the first single, Be Here Now

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