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Regardless of what Vin baker might say in a drunken tirade after being denied access to one of Hartford's many fine establishments, Apathy is the king of Connecticut. Despite being shackled with the pressure of being considered one of hip hop's many great white hypes, the Demigodz MC has finally dropped his official debut album: Eastern Philosophy.

From the "My Philosophy" lifted intro of the opener, Eastern Philosophy, you know what you're going to get from Apathy. Ap un-apologetically reps for the east coast, and really, he has no need to apologize. This is a solid hip hop album from start to finish with classic, sample-heavy beats and choruses filled with cut-up hip hop samples. There's no bullshite R&B; rap here. In fact there's only one song with singing on the hook, and even that is done by Wu-Tang affiliated Blue Raspberry (on Winter, which is about, uhh, winter).

So the beats are quality, and Apathy's rep as a top tier MC doesn't let him down here. He's charismatic and funny while mixing battle raps with decent concept songs. 1000 Grams, Here Comes The Gangstas, Me & My Friends, and the aforementioned Winter are standouts, but there's very little filler on this album. The usual Demigodz suspects (Emilio Lopez, Esoteric, a subdued, yet more effective Celph Titled, etc) also make guest appearances.

The fact that Apathy's debut has been pushed back many times has been well documented (so much so that he released the mixtape "Where's Your Album?" in the meantime), so it's a good thing that it's finally here. Eastern Philosophy is perhaps a little too traditional or underground to do big things, and that's a shame. If you like hip hop, you should hear this album.

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