Peanut butter redesign time

This long weekend was spent with t-squares, bandsaws and chisel carving out a new redesign for the hill. In reality, Naedoo worked like crazy and I stood at the back saying, "shake harder boy!"

Anyway, let us know what you think of the new design, and in an effort to get you hip to this "remixed" version of herohill we are adding a couple of tracks that are all mixed up:

MP3:: Woman - Wolfmother (avalanches remix) via FLUXBLOG. Seriously, hearing Wolfmother looped with some classic hip hop beats gets me more than a little hyped up.
MP3:: Spoon - I Turned My Camera On (demo) via SOMUCHSILENCE

@ 2:03 PM, pnaedoo kicked the following game:

Looks much better. I love the font size!


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