Quakes, Manatees, and Yoko

Now there's a title. Up until last week I would've thought Quake Trap was something set by a fiendish earth shaker in a cheesy B movie. Suprisingly, I was wrong. Thanks to our good friends at Elemental, I now know that Quake Trap is a San Fransisco based record label putting out some quality electronic (a lame description I know, but there isn't one word available to describe it) music.

The crazily named Shaggy Manatee is one of the co-founders of Quake Trap records and has just released his official debut, In Between. The Manatee's bio describes his music thusly: "Electro-fried Gangsta Rap to Melancholy Breakbeat to Hybrid Bay Hop to Experimental Pop". Well that's merdly delicious. The beats on this album are more hip hop than anything else, so it makes sense that most of the songs feature guest MC's. Zion of Zion I fame is really the only name MC featured, but dudes like Opt. Rhyme, Non-Repro, Tendrizer, and B-Child also try and make a name for themselves.

Yoko Solo is a non-Japanese dude that's more on the straight and narrow electro path than the Manatee and doesn't feature any MC's on his album The Beeps. But this too makes sense, as Yoko Solo's music is uptempo, electro described as "broken disco" which suits it quite well even though I don't exactly know what it means. I've seem some comparing Yoko Solo to Four Tet which is another decent comparison, but Yoko is a little more danceable and accessable than Four Tet. I'll let you decide whether that's a good thing.

The folks at Quake Trap are doing some good things, I'd recommend checking them out if you're looking for electronic music. For now check out some myspace action:

Shaggy Manatee @ MySpace
Yoko Solo @ MySpace

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