Rev It Down

As if it wasn't bad enough to endure a full season of Wince Carter doing his motorcycle rev dance after every second shot, now this trend is spreading to Hollywood's elite/insane. Yes, you know where this is going, Tom Cruise went to Harlem last week with his new homie (or perhaps more than just homie) Kanye West.

Whilst in Harlem, Tom shamelessly plugged his new movie, posed with Kanye flashing the Roc diamond, and did his own painful-even-for-a-40-year-old-white-dude version of the motorcycle dance (see it in all it's agonizing glory here - spotted via Nah Right?). There are no words for that really, Cruise makes the insane movie star all-time team hands down.

As for you Kanye, you're treading on some pink sweatered thin ice my friend. I know your a fame whore, but all this chumming up to the Tom half of the Tomkat equation is going to eventually cost you some indie creds, if it hasn't already. Keep lending your ghetto pass to lames like the Cruise and it might get revoked.

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