Review:: One-hitters

Conrad Ford is a 4-piece from Seattle, led by vocalist/songwriter Andy McAllister. I saw the band perform their style of mellow, alt-country influenced music (that fans of the Silver Jews will love) when they opened up for Cub Country. I was so impressed by the pedal steel, guitar, and keys (plus about every other instrument you can imagine) that I picked up their 3 song EP, Races.

The band recently signed to Tarnished Records, for their first full-length album Don't You Miss Yourself. Check out the first single:
MP3:: Golden Hearts.

I heard the Bleachers on my Shuffle without knowing who they were. This happens a lot, but usually I simply hit skip. When I "shuffled" onto the Bleachers tracks that were emailed to me, I was hooked. Of course, since I didn't know who they were, I actually said, "this song is amazing. Who the f*^k is it?" (stupid Shuffle has no visual display)

The tracks are catchy, and really take me back to the alternative music that got me into more styles of music than just rap(R.E.M. as opposed to N.W.A.). Jangly guitars with some great influences that hover just beneath the surface of their unique sound (maybe I just want to hear Joy Division/REM in everyone's music). I think the full-length (Suspicion - due out June 27th) will make a lot of rockers remember when alternative music was something fantastic, not just a plaid shirt and shag haricut stereotype.
MP3:: Don't Make No Roads
MP3:: Poltergeist

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