Run (To The Border) Rickey, Run

In the grand tradition of draft dodgers and other Americans who headed North to the land they probably assumed would be both great and white, Ricky Williams has come to Canada. Ricky and I go way back. As our loyal readers know, I've been a loyal Saints fan for many years (welcome aboard the Reggie Bush bandwagon for all you newcomers out there), so I'm all to familiar with Ricky and his antics. I certainly have some sympathy for a guy who was so painfully shy that he wore his helmet during interview as a rookie, but there's a difference between being shy and being a total headcase. Ricky has usually been closer to the latter.

So now that he's officially begun his drug-induced year of CFL exile, how will Rick the quick take to the 3 down football? Ricky said that before coming up here the only thing he knew about the CFL was that "a bunch of people run around before the snap". Well we'll have to cut him some slack on that as tons of Canadians don't know much more than that about it. If you've seen the CFL and you've seen Ricky Williams, you have to assume that he's going to be fairly dominant. But that's assuming Rick's going to stay away from the ganja and keep his head in the game. No easy task considering how far out of the game Ricky has gotten his head out of the game in the past.

But I hope that doesn't happen. I'm interested in seeing how Ricky does for the in the double blue. I'd love to be a big enough CFL fan that I don't need the one year appearance of a wacky, pot-obsessed NFL running back to get me interested, but I'm not. More gimmicks the better as far as I'm concerned, if there was another Ismail bother (Spaceshuttle Ismail perhaps), I'd be all for bringing him to the CFL. So welcome to Canada Ricky, we're all very friendly, no need to wear a helmet to your interviews here.

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