Steve Nash: Still The MVP, Dave Feschuk: Still The Moron

As we all know, Steve Nash was named NBA MVP for the second straight year. Steve-O doesn't need the hill to defend him this time around, the facts speak for themselves. Nash posted a career high in points while also shooting a career-best .512 from the floor as well as .418 from 3. He led the league in free throw percentage, assists, and indie-rockinest hair. These stats are very impressive, but they don't explain why Nash is truly the most valuable.

Amare, Joe Johnson, and Q-Rich, the main cogs in the Suns team Nash led to the east finals last year, didn't play with him this year. They were replaced by Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, the ghost of Kurt Thomas, and various other spare parts. 6 of his teammates had career highs in scoring this season and the Suns won their second consecutive Pacific Division title. More than one expert thought the Suns were gonna struggle this season. The fact that they were as good as ever says plenty about Nash and his MVP creds.

While I've been moving to Halifax, starting a new job, and preparing for the birth of my first child, I haven't had much time to think about Toronto Star "basketball columnist" Dave Feschuk. Even though Feschuk is spending his time writing about photo displays of Italian boxers, I wouldn't want him to think we'd forgotten about him here at the hill. At the beginning of the season, big Dave made a lot of noise telling everyone how Nash was going to struggle mightily this year. He wrote it in his column and when TSN inexplicably put him on TV as part of their NBA preview Fes said "Steve Nash is going to struggle this year". Not that the Suns are going to struggle, but Nash himself was going to struggle. Well, I guess we all know how that prediction has turned out. Hey Feschuk, can you please predict that I am not going to win the lotto?

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that I don't think another Canadian will be named NBA MVP in my lifetime. There are only two in the league after all, which makes Nash's accomplishments even more impressive. Let's enjoy watching him while we can.

Congrats Steve, the hill salutes you.

@ 6:53 AM, Ianni kicked the following game:

All anyone needed to see, if they still doubted our boy Steve in any way, was they way he totally showed Kobe "Keep your Hands and Elbows to Youself" Bryant, how to make your whole team better and not just make yourself look good. Coming back from 3-1 was amazing! Go!


@ 10:51 PM, sarah gordon kicked the following game:

...steve nash is lovely. absolutely wonderful. finally, a basketball player that has it all - talent and looks. as for the hair - thats the best part. he's a joy to watch a faun :).


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