Whitest Boy Alive

Whitest Boy Alive. I thought I had this trademarked, because when I took my shirt off in the patent office, three workers went blind. Luckily for all music fans, this is not the case. Erlend Oye, super-spectacled member of King of Convenience is doing some new work with his side-project band.

This time, Erlend, or Whitest Boy Alive has lost the electronics, the distortion, the keyboards and moved ahead with a instrument only approach. The evolution is nice, because using non-programmed instruments makes the tracks I’ve heard sound super sweet. Don’t worry. They are still funky and danceable.

In fact the first single, Inflation (check out the nice lo-fi video), combines a bouncy simple bass riff with some guitar noodling, drums and Erlend’s trademark understated vocals. He’s always had the ability to combine pop sensibility with some white-guy hipster funk and sparse vocals and not leave the track feeling empty. I’ve heard it isn’t what you put into a record, it’s what you leave out… and I also heard it’s all happening. Either way, Erlend and friends don’t try to overwhelm you with too many instruments or changes. It’s a nice funk track. I’m been listening non-stop for a few days, and I can’t wait for the full record.

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