Monday, June 5, 2006

Maritime Cup III

What comes to mind when I say "Maritime Cup III"? A sailboat race of some kind? Close but no you stereotypical bastard, we don't all have sailboats out here. Maritime Cup III was actually a pro wrestling event here in Halifax that occurred last Friday night. Was I there? You bet I was Chauncey. Like any kid who grew up in the Maritimes in the 70's and 80's I loved me some Grand Prix wrestling. Grand Prix is famous out here and the name alone makes plenty of dudes long for the days of The Cuban Assasin, Killer Karl Krup, Leo Burke, and Big Stephen Petitpas. Check out this site if you want more Grand Prix trivia and nostalgia.

So Grand Prix is the main reason I went to check out Maritime Cup III, but even tough Buddy Lane was there, this was not Grand prix wrestling. Just watch 5 minutes of the WWE these days and you'll know the wrestling biz has changed tremendously. The biggest difference is that in the same way MTV hardly shows music anymore, the WWE doesn't show much wrestling these days. To the credit of the people who put on Maritime Cup III (including the weirdly named New Scott - someone tell me what this means - and Sarah Dunsworth of Trailer Park Boys fame), there was plenty of wrestling on Friday night. Some was good, some was on the amateurish side, but everyone involved did what they could to put on a good show. In the end, the Maritime cup was given out to a dreadlocked dude named Titus after a 12 man tournament that featured the fat, yet entertaining Tony Armstrong, the impossibly bad haired yet also entertaining Lincoln Steen, A dude named Marko Estrada from New Brunswick, and a kid from Halifax West that lost in about 3 minutes.

There was also a main event on this evening of grappling that resulted in the crowning of the first ever Wrestling With Reality champion. I really had no idea what Wrestling With Reality was. At first I believed it was a documentary about the Maritime wrestling scene that Sarah Dunsworth & Co. were working on. But apparently the WWR is also the name of the wrestling promotion itself. Just my opinion, but this is kind of confusing, and not the catchiest name going. While I'm giving opinions, I might as well say that the whole evening was too long. It started at 7:30 and we didn't get out of there until at least 11:30. As Mario pointed out, this isn't Wresltemania, 4 hours is far too long unless the Hulkster is trying to body slam Andre the Giant at the end of it. The big name on the evening was TNA "star"" Bobby Roode, but in all honesty by the time the last match started, I just wanted to leave.

For me the biggest names of the evening were actually Mr. Lahey and Randy. Sarah Dunsworth's father and Sunnyvale Trailer Park Supervisor Jim Lahey made an appearance with his faithful, shirtless sidekick and sometimes lover Randy. They came in character with Mr. Lahey doing his crazy drunk routine to help give out prizes and terrorize the Pink Velvet Burlesque girls as helped give out the prizes. They were crazy over-the-top with Randy and Lahey doing a shit-inspired rap song that was terrible and Lahey asking some lady if she "wanted to be assaulted" before getting her prize. If was nutty but I enjoyed it. All lot of the TPB cast & crew were in the house with Lucy slutting it up as a valet for a supposed bi-sexual swish named Mr. Suave, as well as Rob Wells, JP Tremblay, and Mike Clattenburg hanging out at the back of the house.

So the TPB content boosted my enjoyment of the evening but the craziness of the whole thing helped as well. The crowd was quite large and pretty into the whole evening. The crazy combo of skivs and die hard wrestling fans was pretty comical. The semi-retarded skivy dude behind us who was stalking any TPB person available and said that Lucy could "play his harmonica anytime" were kind of par for the course. The music by mask-wearing Halifax skate band Blackout 77 was kind of lost on most folks, and based on the fact that they played an entire Motley Crue album as warmup music, they might want to get a Skynrd tribute band or dig up Platinum Blonde to kick out the jams next time.

So that's Maritime Cup III for you. If you weren't one of the hundreds of people in the attendance, hopefully you enjoyed the recap.

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At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Sarah Dunsworth did sayeth:

Thanks! Stay tuned for more wrestling shows by the same promotion. We are starting a whole "Wrestling with Reality" thing, stay tuned for more details....


At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Mario did sayeth:

The Maritime Cup was good at times. There were some dudes with future potential. I wish there were more classic wrestling gimmicks such as; cheating, managers intefering, brass knuckles, salt to the eyes, referees getting knocked out then all hell breaks loose. But to their credit, there was one "airplane spin". I hadn't seen that done in the Maritimes in 20 years.


At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Sarah Dunsworth did sayeth:

We are having another show this Friday! You might get more of what you're yearning for.... I can't guarantee any salt though

Doors Open at 630
Bell Time 730
Halifax Forum MPC
$12 at the door
$10 in advance at Junk & Foibles or Proskates

The show will be shorter this time - we accidentally made it a marathon last time because we had so much talent we didn't want to leave anyone out.

We'll have Burlesque Girls again and a little something we like to call Skateboard mayhem at half time - Lucy and I will be there as valets and we have an awesome female wrestler who will be in a intergender match with Chris Madison

here's a secret that we haven't told anyone yet... Mr. Lahey will be our special ring announcer for the second half! for more details


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