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Originally I intended to do a Canada Day post, and feature some great Canadian bands, but that went the way of the DoDo when the beach & beer called. So instead, I'll just talk about Sub Pop artist, Chad Van Gaalen.

Alberta born and bred, Chad is one of those musical stories that is roughly equivalent to a street kid picking himself up and getting a job. He started recording the same day he started playing and he actually recorded his songs using two ghetto blasters (so he could loop drums) and a guitar with only 5 strings. More or less he high speed dubbed a couple of demos that were amazingly arranged and people loved.

The rest, as they blog, is history. Chad's debut album received critical acclaim, and now he's about to release a new record, Skelliconnection. Apparently, the album consists of the best of from the hundreds of tracks Chad wrote last year.

Chad's style is very unique and even harder to really categorize. At times he sounds like Neil Young, but let's be honest - what Canadian bedroom recording artist who grabs a harmonica doesn't? At times he channels Dylan as well as hundreds of other easy to make references (the combination of folky rock and computers blips also lends itself well to early Beck comparisons for example), but the one thing that grabs me about this one man band is his incredible energy. I think you have to just let Chad's music speak for itself.

MP3:: Mini TVs - via YANP
MP3:: Flower Gardens - via Obscure sound

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