Friday, July 14, 2006


It's impossible to keep up with the joneses when it comes to blogging - or more accurately, the picasso's, the igif's, the gorillavsbear's, or the hodgkin's. Luckily, by the time you filter through the new bands, you will want something different. Something that snuck under the blog-radar. That's where the hill fits in. You might say, "we do nothing, but we do it with style."

In 2001, Fueled by Ramen put out a release that was pretty well ignored by everyone who wasn't into the punk scene. That release was the self-titled solo debut by Rob Huddleston of Ann Beretta - under the Foundation moniker. The album was a slice of Americana; stripped down and emotional. From start to finish, the album didn't have a bad song (even a cover of the fantastic Tom Wait's track, Old Shoes, which I assumed would be terrible, but I like it). Rob's lyrics were uplifting and deeply influenced by the books he was reading. The Hemmingway-esque tale, Lost Along the Way is a song you can't help singing along with your eyes closed. The music takes you back to a different era.

Then, Foundation went away. Ann Beretta took a break too. After grabbing a copy of Greg Graffin's album, I talked with my good friend Google, and he told me some good news. Rob's been playing some shows and has over an album's worth of music he wants to give us for free.

It's hard to get people excited over stripped down acoustic tracks from the singer of a rough and tough punk band, but this is free music that people should jump on. These songs, like all Foundation tracks, come from Rob's soul. If you like Rocky Votolato, you will love Foundation.

Check out some MP3s he's go up on his site.
MP3:: When April Smiles - demo
MP3:: Until I - demo
MP3:: Back Then(Live) - from S/T debut
MP3:: Skies Won't Fall - form S/T debut

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