Friday hits

Back on the scene, crispy and clean. After an exhausting but adventurous NYC experience, I’m back at work and back to the blog. It’s funny, but taking a few days off really makes you miss the boat.

Which works out, because we are usually so behind the curve a few extra days will mean you forgot about the bands you already read about! So here are a few things you might like to check out:

  • The Silversun Pickups redesigned their site and added a nice video links for one of my fav songs – Kissing Families (gotta love a girl in chucks) and the always enjoyable Comeback Kid. The site upgrade is nice, because the header no longer requires an air-sickness bag to view.

  • Ratatat is back with a new album entitled called Classics. I guess it is labeled classics because the sound is more or less the same. It’s nice and upbeat, but not much of a change from their other work. So, if you liked the first record, you will probably like this:
    MP3:: Wildcat – via GvsB

    Even better was the info on the fantastic somuchsilence. I am a huge Shout Out Loud fan, and he supplied two fantastic remixes of the Comeback. One is by Ratatat – so it all ties together.
    MP3:: The Comeback –Ratatat remix via SMS.

  • Finally – and most importantly, Tadd went and saw Greg Graffin rip apart Lee’s Palace last night. I would have loved to see this show, especially after hearing he did a slowed down, sing-along version of Suffer. For you newbies out there… Suffer is one of Bad Religion’s best albums. Here’s more of Tadd’s review:
    I'm not going to lie, I have been a Bad Religion fan for years. I think Stranger than Fiction may well have been the first CD I bought after finally giving up on tapes. Having said that, this was a very different vibe than a Bad Religion show, the pace is slower the arrangements are traditional.
    It's also very, very good live show.

@ 3:43 PM, mowie x kicked the following game:

ratatat links down??


@ 3:47 PM, mowie x kicked the following game:

ratatat links down?


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