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We are proud to announce the youngest herohill reader in history. Beckett Henry Nadeau was born yesterday at 5:02 PM, so I just want to give my (and Nic’s) congrats to Shane and Petra. Mom and baby are healthy and happy, which is fantastic news. In honor of his birth, I decided to give myself the official unofficial title of Uncle Ack.

This weekend means a nice show that I’ve been waiting to go to for a long time. Silversun Pickups, Ladyhawk and Magnolia Electric Co are going to attack Richard’s on Richards. I asked my magic 8-ball if heavy guitars and rock would ensue. All signs point to yes.

I was going to do a nice post on Magnolia Electric Co, Silversun Pickups and Ladyhawk (well, another one as I talked about them here and here), but Chromewaves already kind of said what I was going to say. I will say, after a few listens of MEC’s new record, I’m hooked. It’s a tale of two cities, with more ballads mixed in with the classic crazy horse feel of the band.

For a bands-eye-view of the tour, check out the Jason Groth’s tour diary on Marathon Packs.

Ladyhawk released a new MP3, entitled War. It’s from a six song studio session that will hopefully be available for fans soon.
MP3:: War

In other news, some quick-hitters to tie you over::
G. Love is set to release a new album, Lemonade. It includes duets with Jack, Ben Harper, Donovan Frankenreiter, Los Lobos, Particle, Slighty Stoopid and Blackalicious. I’m guessing it involves white guy funky flow over guitars and harmonica.

Vancouver Concerts::
French Kicks / Matt & Kim:: Monday August 14th, Richard’s on Richards

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