Josh Ritter in Vancouver + Hezekiah Jones

The new Josh Ritter album has been showing up on more web sites than Paris Hilton's under carriage. Well, he's coming to Vancouver on Thursday October 19th to support Jamie Cullum.

Go to to get some seats - for the low, not low price of $39.50 plus the service charge. Too rich for my blood, especially to see Josh as an opener, but I iwsh I could justify the expense.

Aquarium Drunkard is back after a cross America jaunt, and he's been posting some great stuff. Check out the debut from the Philly based band, Hezekiah Jones.

The band brings to mind artists like Sam Beam, Paul Simon, and Will Oldham. The aren't just songs. They are musical settings and emotions. It's not too often an acoustic album can grab your attention on one listen, and this does just that.

Check out some MP3s and prepare to become a fan. I've been listening to them on repeat since this morning:
MP3:: Nothing's Bound
MP3:: Put On Your Light - unreleased demo

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