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The Mountain Goats

I'd love to have the time to write a full review of John D. latest masterpiece - Get Lonely. It's on top of the list of things-to-blog when I get back from NYC.

My first impression of the album, and the assoicated feedback is this: A lot of people first got into the Mountain Goats with the last release, The Sunset Tree. So while people are saying John continues with the success of the last record, I actually think he returns to the style of his earliest works (albeit with much more polish). John recorded countless songs on cassette tapes, and while the quality of the recordings was mud, the songs he wrote were fanstasic.

In the meantime, here's some info to whet your pallet.
Via Large Hearted Boy - If you are in Seattle, make plans now to be at Easy Street Records on August 21st for the Mountain Goats' 11 p.m. in-store performance celebrating the release of Get Lonely. Hopefully Tyler will be heading here.

Good Hodgkins talks about the new record and links some MP3s. I'm not sure I can buy in on his Either/Or comprison. Both artists are so diverse and so unique in my opinion (or maybe my experiences with both as musicians), I think it's unfair to compare them. That's not to say I don't think the depression both singers evoke with their music isn't similar, but to me they both stand alone.

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