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Just a quick heads-up. Posts will be slim to none for the next few days. I'm in NYC teaching some classes. I don't get back till Thursday night, so Friday will be normal posts.

In the meantime, check out Montreal based afrobeat experts, Afrodizz. They cite Fela and Beck as influences, and rocked the Jericho Beach Folk Festival with Feist before I left.

Unfortunately, I got in late and couldn't catch the CatbirdSeat show (Maestro Echoplex) - so sorry, Ryan. Would have been a nice show, so go check out the album.

Also - further proof that Dave matthews is ruining the world. Can you believe Mike Doughty is playing an in-store here with Tristan AT THE GAP? C'maaaaaaan. Still I think it will be fun to hear someone yell Freebird whilst picking out some khakis.

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