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A few notes into El Presidente's debut album, I found myself thinking that this Glasgow quintet reminded me a little bit of Scissor Sisters. After a few more tracks, I realized after the novelty affect of the gay glam disco extravanganza wore off, I tired of the Scissor Sisters. I don't think this will be the case with El Presidente. In fact, other than some vocal similarities (Gizzi sometimes seems to be channeling Shear) and some disco synth beats, the bands aren't really all that similar.

El Pres!dente is exploding in the UK, playing huge festivals and gaining momentum. I can only imagine this band live would be an experience, but for now, I'm stuck holding the CD and nothing else. The record is a combination of glam, funk, rock, classic rock and Brit pop. Their style is so diverse, it might not stick with people over here, but as you listen to 100 MPH, you get to hear a Supergrass influenced riff with classic rock/disco vocals. It's not an easy sound to describe, but it's an easy one to digest.

There are so many bands I hear listening to this album. Turn this thing around reminds me of the dancey rock I used to get into with the Manic Street Preachers, and is gathering the SS comparisons, but this track is one of the times the band doesn't really bring it home for me. This track is repetitive and seems like a chart grabber. As the album jumps into Count on Me, the bands regains their form and this is when the album really starts to try new things.

Artists try to replicate the sexy funk of the 4-foot wonder Prince all the time. Usually these bands fail miserably, or seem to be a commerical experiment. If you say you love me has the band wearing the influence of the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince on their sleeves, but the track doesn't come off as a second rate rip-off. The 80's cheese-rock chorus fits beautifully into the track. The band is trying to carve out their own style, while paying homage to some of the greats. Keep on Walking is my favorite track. T Rex is a band that people never seem to be into, but I love. When the Shins covered Baby Boomerang, I assumed they'd get some love, but they didn't. Now, El Presidente dips into T Rex bag of tricks and I love it. Try NOT to sing along with the chorus. I'd be surprised if this song doens't make a lot of DJ's Friday night playlists this summer.

This record has something for everyone. I mean, if you like Massive Attack, the Bee Gees, Prince, T Rex and any of about 100 other artists, you'll find something you like here. I guess I worry that with so many influences and styles, this record will only find a home with the most eclectic listener... which is aok with me.

Stream Keep on Walking here

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Ive liked them since december 2004 but they still havent goten the fame they deserve!!!??? WHY!!!!?????


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