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Reviews:: Megan Hamilton & Cansei De Ser Sexy

Megan Hamilton is a Toronto-based songwriter. Her debut album, Feudal Ladies Club, is a suprisingly sophisticated release. Her country/folk vocals are encased in beautiful arrangements, and supported by drums, guitars and even some autoharp. Although this description is accurate, it also simplifies Megan's work. This isn't just another coffee house act releasing a debut album. Her voice has strains beautifully at points, showing that the emotion and the feel of the record was the most important aspect of recording.

As the album opens with an old piano, you expect to hear a soft, delicate voice. Instead, Megan's voice is almost gravely, and it subtly becomes the focus of the track. The next track, Prophecy, is my favorite. Often times I'll hear a song and find one thing that makes it stand out. In this case it's not the the chugging drums and finger-picked riff that push this song along. It's they way Megan's voice strains and the end of each line. This imperfection sounds perfect.

This album is perfect for the back deck. The dreamy folk/country is rich in emotion, something that lacks in most over-polished releases. But don't mistake the rawness of her vocal as an amateurish effort. In fact, what Megan's done is find her voice early in her career, as opposed to struggling across record after record looking.

Here are some dates for her upcoming East-coast tour:
August 26 - Ginger's Tavern w/ The David Picco Band, Halifax, NS
August 27 – The Upstairs w/The David Picco Band, Sydney, NS
August 30 - The Rose and Thistle w/ The David Picco Band, St. John's, NFLD
August 31 - The Ship w/ The David Picco Band, St. John's, NFLD
September 1 - CBTG's w/ The David Picco Band, St. Johns, NFLD
September 2 - Clancy's w/ The David Picco Band, Stephenville, NFLD
September 3 - D'Attic w/ The David Picco Band, Corner Brook, NFLD
September 5 – Baba’s w/ The David Picco, Band, Charlottetown, PEI
September 6 - Gus's Pub w/ The David Picco Band, Halifax, NS
September 7 – Chuggles w/The David Picco Band, Antigonish, NS
September 8 - The Right Spot w/ The David Picco Band, Moncton, NB
You can stream the entire album on her Website, but here's my favorite track:
MP3:: Prophecy

Cansei De Ser Sexy is a band I avoided talking about as long as I could. I hate writing about the hyped up bands that flicker in and out of the limelight every few days. There are hundreds of blogs that are more on the up & up when it comes to tracking down some hot tracks and linking them.

Their story is well-known now. Brasilian based artists signed to Sup Pop that put out a record of dance anthems revolving around sex and cursing. The premise sounds horrible or more accurately, like a gimmick. I mean, with titles like When I Met Paris Hilton, and Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above, it's hard to think of this band as more than just a flash in the pan. Throw in the hard as nails front woman who wants to shock you before you "shock" her, and all signs point to disaster.

The thing is, the record is crazy awesome at times. It's not splitting the atom; it's just a fun dance record that uses robotic synth sounds to get you up and dancing. Do I think it's genius, like some others on the NET? No, but I think it is more fun than a lot of things I hear these days. I know this is a record that will, sooner rather than later, disappear from my playlist but for now I like it. Should I really be enjoying music that has lyrics like,"music is my girlfriend. music is my boyfriend? No, but I do. I guess that says it best. You think you should hate this record, but you can't. Off the Hook and Let's Make Love to Death From Above will be making latenight cameos at lots of indie dance bars, but will also be those tracks that 6 months from now I'll say, "man, I used to love that song."

MP3:: This Month, Day 10

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