Team Clermont and Elf Power want to take you to the prom

Team Clermont is hosting a nice little festival in Athens, Georgia and are hoping you will grab a tux and head to the prom with them. Also spiking the punch are going to be Elf Power, Man Man, Lylas, White Whale, John Roderick (on Long Winters fame) and a host of other local acts.

The festival runs from August 3-5 and check out the schedule:
Thursday August 3rd
LYLAS -One of Nashville’s many rising indie stars, LYLAS plays out-of-time Cole Porter meets Donovan chamber-pop that is almost too intricate and well-written to be called rock and roll but too sly to be anything else. This band’s debut album, Lessons for Lovers, has been steadily building buzz all year.
MP3:: LYLAS - His Master’s Merriment

Friday, August 4th
Man Man - 40 Watt Club, Athens - The Philly band that Pitchfork called America’s most underrated live band will be bringing their ramshackle Beefheart maraca-ed brilliance to Athens.
MP3:: Man Man - 10 lb. Moustache
White Whale - Merge Records’ newest sure-fire hitmakers, Lawrence, Kanas-based White Whale features Matt Suggs (of Butterglory fame) and a former member of the Get-Up Kids. Epic pop songs that recall the swing-for-the-fences aspects of Lieber-Stoller mixed with fellow travelers Secret Machines and Okkervil River.
MP3:: White Whale -The Admiral

Saturday, August 5th
Kickball Tournament (sponsored by Merge Records)
Happy Hour sponsored by Barsuk Records—the Go! Bar
John Roderick of the Long Winters—A special solo performance in an intimate setting from one of indie rock’s most distinctive voices.
MP3:: The Long Winters - Pushover
Charles of Ashcan Rantings (great name) interviews John:: - Read it here.
Blue Ribbon Ball ft. Elf Power - 40 Watt Club
The 9th Annual Blue Ribbon Ball featuring Elf Power—Elephant 6 mainstays Elf Power will do a mixture of covers and originals as guests at the prom will gadabout in their finest Wild West attire!
MP3:: Elf Power - An Old Familiar Scene

Ticket information is as follows:
Thurs: $5 advance, $6 at door
Fri: $5 advance, $6 at door
Sat/Go! Bar: Free
Sat/Prom: $12 advance, or $20 for all 3 nights

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