Casiotone for the Painfully Alone :: Daytrotter Session

I'm not sure how I missed this. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone grabbed a spot on the herohill best-of-2006 list for the Etiquette release, yet I had no idea Owen did a nice 4-song set for Daytrotter (seriously, how great is the custom artwork on Daytrotter). Not only that, he had his good friends, the Donkeys there to get his back.

The Donkeys add a new feel to these songs, giving them even more life. I've been listening to this set on repeat for the last few days. The slight variation the guitars and backup vocals give these songs makes the two outfits the perfect combination, much like Puffy and Mase, Tango and Cash, or even Kato and Nash.

The set is pretty diverse, spanning three albums:
MP3:: Jeanne, if your ever in Portland
MP3:: Tonight Was a Disaster
MP3:: Bobby Malone Moves Home
MP3:: Cold White Christmas

For those new to CTftPA, Owen crafts the most complex emotions with fantastic lyrics and well crafted, yet surprisingly minimalistic beats from his trusty keyboards. His characters' become a part of you, like you are listening to a book on tape (albeit with great beats behind the story, instead of a infomercial style voice). This is well worth checking out.

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