Jason Collett:: Live at the Sunset Tavern

Three things triggered this post. First, I keep reading about the amazing Lollapalooza performance of Broken Social Scene. Second, Jason is touring the US with Rogue Wave, and third, I read a nice Jason Collett post on Aquarium Drunkard.

I’ve been listening to Jason’s latest album, Idols of Exiles a lot lately, and I remembered Tyler had a great bootleg of his last Seattle show.

I think the biggest strike against Jason’s last album, is the myriad of friends he has playing on the album. For the majority of BSS fans, they expected another indie rock album. Knowing that a lot of the crew was involved in the project, the guest vocals from Amy Milan and Emily Haines overshadowed the fantastic songwriting, and the record got typecasted as another BSS endeavor. It's so much more than that. Jason’s rootsy songwriting touches on a diverse set of influences (including the traditional folk/rock structure of Dylan and Tom Petty, the up tempo, light heartedness of Ron Sexsmith and traces of Jeff Tweedy), without losing all of the indie rock stylings that the collective is known for. It’s a fantastic road trip album and has flown under the radar for far too long.

If the album is good, than the live show is fantastic. This performance at the Sunset Tavern lets Jason and his incredibly tight band step out of the shadow of the BSS. The band cranks up the instruments, executes tight harmonies and delivers a personal performance rich in banter and great music. When the band breaks into We All Lose One Another, I was instantly hooked. Jason and the band finish off the song with a high energy outtro and the show starts to sound more like a classic rock, 70’s style show than what you’d expect from a member of the Indie-iest of Indie circles. Songs like Tropic of Safety are brought to life with nice (not self indulging) solos.

What I really love about this show is that instead of people waiting to hear the girls sing on songs like Fire and Hangover Days, Jason takes ownership of the tracks and they actually sound better. Indulging on some solos, guitar effects, cowbells and hand clap breakdowns really makes these songs come to life.

Here’s the tracklist:
Tinsel and Sawdust
We All Lose One Another
Feral Republic
Brownie Hawkeye
MP3:: Tropic of Safety – via awardtour
Blue Sky
Hangover Days
MP3:: Highway 401 – via awardtour
I’ll Bring the Sun
Out of Time
I’m Not Over You
Waiting for the World
Pavement Puddle Stars
Almost Summer
Pink Night
Parry Sound

You can download the whole show:
ZIP:: Part One and Two
:: JUST A HEADS UP, you need a yousendit.com account to access this, but they are free.

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