News:: New Ted Leo, Amos Lee, Cub Country and is Matt Leinert Zoolander?

Ok. Seriously, Matt Leinert is loving his own brand something craptastic. He's hovering around a Hilton, doing runways shows and now he's opening up a center for kids who don't read good. Seriously, I'd suggest you blitz the Cards from the right, because I think Matt might have trouble turning left.
He is currently raising money to start the Matt Leinart Foundation, a learning center for underprivileged and disabled children. "Kids are important to Matt," his rep tells PEOPLE. "He really wants to help kids who can't help themselves."

But in music news - here's some goodies for you.
Ted Leo - live in Cambridge, MA. The entire set is hosted over at Bradley's Almanac, but here is my favorite of the newbies::
MP3:: Sons of Cain

Cub Country demos::
MP3:: Painted Flowers
MP3::Me & You

Amos Lee - from the upcoming Bluenote release, Supply and Demand. I love his debut album and this is one I'm eagerly waiting for::
MP3::Sympathize - via I am Fuel, You Are Friends

@ 3:06 PM, Jason kicked the following game:

Any blog with a Zoolander reference is OK by me.

Love the can't turn left comment........ Matt Leinert is not an ambiturner.....


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