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First and foremost:
The National is finally coming back to the West Coast. Having never seen them play live and loving Alligator beyond believe, I'm excited.

05 Oct:: RICHARDS ON RICHARDS, Vancouver BC Canada
Here's an older track just to get you listening again.
MP3:: Murder Me Rachel

Sports Guy actually writes about sports this time out (not about Poker, Fantasy baseball/football, his friends or why a Wallflowers performance should matter). Comparing Big Papi and Larry Legend. Gold - especially this line: There was one stretch during the '86 season when he was actually bored by how good he was, so he started using his left hand more (during one game, he took only left-handed shots in the first half).

Cleaning out the mailbox:
New Sense and The Farewell Circuit contribute some songs to the Third Shift Recording Co podcast. For those unfamiliar with the band, New Sense is the new project for some of the Decibully/Promise Ring vets Kristian Riley and William Seidel.

Kristian is co-producing (with Daniel Holter) the upcoming Farewell Circuit EP. The band is currently previewing two stripped down acoustic tracks on their myspace site. The songs will get some Dashboard Confessional comparisons right now, but that is not said in a snide way. Until the instrumentation is added, they are catchy acoustic driven numbers with some nice falsetto sections. I'm looking forward to hearing the flushed out versions and would imagine once people hear these tracks they will explode.

Podcast:: Third Shift Recording Co

The Black Neon - a crazy cross of brit-pop and progammed beats that is going to make even the most hipsterish cat want to move around (hopefully not in short shorts). Brought to you from the great folks at Memphis Industries - home of the Go!Team, the Pipettes, the Russian Futurists and Dungen).

If the two tracks that are available are any indication, the new album, Arts & Crafts is going to be pretty diverse. The first song, Ralph and Barbara treads into Beta Band territory. The second song, Hollywood 1,2 & 3 is a blippy instrumental track that fans of Boards of Canada and Fourtet will get into.
MP3:: Ralph and Barbara
MP3:: Hollywood 1, 2, & 3

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