Friday, August 25, 2006

Reviews:: Sigur Ros Saeglopur EP

Sigur Ros is a band I can’t describe. I’ve been a huge fan for years, never understood one word they said, but I always felt that I knew what they were talking about. They’ve been getting more and more exposure lately, especially as more and more people experience their amazing live performances.

Sigur Ros hails from Iceland. Like several other Icelandic artists, the music the band creates seems to be a living thing. Tracks organically grow as you listen. It’s a visceral experience, and somewhat fitting that you can’t understand what they are saying, because trying to describe the songs they create is equally as challenging. Telling someone who has never heard their music that they mystically combine layer after layer to create beautiful songs is great, but you can’t really take anything from it. Telling someone that their music is heart wrenching and vocally stunning, even though you can’t understand a word... well that’s not an easy point to hammer home.

The band put out a single for Saeglopur that comes with three new tracks, Refur, O Fridur and Kafari. The songs seem a little lost, lacking the trademark cohesiveness of a Sigur Ros album, but none the less, are still breathtaking. I was just getting into the single (four songs, one of which is only 2 minutes and change) when it ended. It might sound like I’m bashing this release, but I actually enjoy the material, I just want more. This collection is worth buying strictly for the haunting violin used on O Fridur.

The single also comes with a DVD with videos for Saeglopur, Glosoli and Hoppipolla. These videos are well worth watching, and I adore the handcam video for Hoppipolla. It’s just a bunch of cotton heads running around acting young (playing ring and run, stomping in puddles, general bally hoo), but it’s adorable.

This release should tie over anyone waiting for the band’s next full length.
MP3:: O Fridur

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At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Caleb did sayeth:

Ummm, could I ask how much this thing cost? I know its a dumb question but I don't have much money at all and I really want it. So idk if anyone is going to get back to me on this but if you could let me know how much it costs and where I could find one, please do let me know. Thank you!


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