Reviews:: The Skygreen Leopards - Disciples of California

With a name like the The Skygreen Leopards, you'd expect to have some lovely country tinged rock emitting from your speakers. But instead of banging southern anthems, this band treats you to a more subtle journey.

This jagjaguwar band is an oddity (rumors of them recording outside for exmaple0, albeit a beautiful one. Disciples of California is the band's 5th record, but the first recorded with a rhythm section and the also the first recorded outside of their own studio. For fans of their previous work, the flow of recording the songs live really improves an already great vibe.

The band, hailing from San Fran, consists of Glenn Donaldson and Donovan Quinn and they combine the dreamy California pop with country undertones to craft this record. The duo never seems to get past the speed of a country stroll, but that's not to say this record isn't engaging. Using the benefit of recording in a full studio and introducing a rhythm section for the first time, the collage of sounds is pleasantly combined with the duo's trademark harmonies and introspective lyrics to make this album a grower.

Check out the first single from the record, out october 24th::
MP3:: Disciples of California

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