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Reviews::Outkast - Idlewild Soundtrack

Here's what we know: Outkast is still together, and their latest project is a kind of hip hop musical picture show set in the prohibition era south called Idlewild and its corresponding soundtrack. Now the hip hop movie musical isn't the most common vehicle, but if anyone is going to tackle it, the genre bursting duo of Big Boi and Andre 3000 are definitely the ones to have a go at it. But does that mean it's any good? I can't speak for the movie, but since the soundtrack is essentially the highly anticipated follow up to the phenomenon that was Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, and people everywhere are dying to hear what the hill thinks of it, I thought I'd give it the track by track review treatment. Enjoy.

Mighty O - Are you one of the 8 trillion people who said Outkast was breaking up? Well then you get dissed in this song. This is a throwback to Outkast of days gone by, you won't hear much more of this in the future.

Peaches - The Echo drums aren't used enough in hip hop. Ditto for Too Short vocal samples. Sleepy Brown and/or Scar (cannot tell who's who) handle the hook and Big Boi is enjoyable in a slowed down "The Way You Move", sort of err, way.

Idlewild Blue - Love Below time! Andre 3 grand busts out some funky blues guitar and harmonica to accompany his crazy singin'. Fairly catchy, the crowd on the song is having a good time, which is I suppose a hint that you should too tough guy.

N2U - Has some funky guitar licks to help let the ladies know that it's time to hit it and quit it. Ok, but on the forgettable side.

Morris Brown - Big Boi single is a combination of Destinys Child's Lose My Breath (Can't think of another jam that uses the marching band drums) and The Way You Move. Sleepy Brown & Scar feature again, although Scar seems most prominent. This is probably the album's highlight for me.

Chronomentrophobia - Ahh, wha? Apparently chronomentrophobia is the fear of clocks. Not sure how the fear of clocks applies to a 20's style juke joint, but perhaps in context of the movie this makes plenty of sense.

The Train - A decent introspective type jam from Big Boi and the usual suspects (Sleepy Brown & Scar). Good enough, not a standout track.

Life Is Like A Musical - Andre with the "Roses" style vocals on this one, short but sweet.

Hollywood Divorce - This one is kind of a wacky mismtach. Andre breaks out some Love Boat style crooning (which is, for lack of a better word, awful) while Lil' Wayne, Snoop, and both Dre and Big Boi get their rap on about the pitfalls of rappers going Hollywood. Call Alanis, as Big & Dre are doing exactly that...

Call The Law - Yikes. Chicago meets hip hop I guess. Janelle Monae does most of the work over a kind of upbeat jazz track. Perhaps this is better in the movie. Which will probably be the only other time I hear it.

Bamboo & Cross - Being a new father, I can understand the impulse to let you put a track on your album featuring your kids rappin'. But thankfully for you people I don't make records.

Buggface - This sounds like a Speakerboxxx reject, with a wacker name. Did I mention there's 25 tracks on this album? Methinks we're leaving Idlewild and entering Fillertown at this juncture.

Makes No Sense At All - Dre scatting over some crazy upright bass and piano with some crazy high pitched effects on his voice. And the theme being no sense at all, he just sings random words. Excellent. Listening to this song again would make no sense at all.

In Your Dreams - Perhaps I spoke too soon, this isn't really filler type material. Big Boi gets help from Sleepy Brown, Killer Mike & Janelle Monae over a decent track that is thankfully not on the zoot suit riot tip.

PJ & Rooster - I'm guessing this is straight from the movie, Andre getting his ragtime on with an assist from Big Boi. It's kind of catchy, but not really enough to make it standout away from the movie.

Mutron Angel - No idea what Mutron Angel means. But it'll help you save yourself with some gospel over some soulful organ and a backwards sample. Weird as this sounds, it kind of works. Kind of enjoyable, but I have no idea what to do with it.

Greatest Show On Earth - You want to know what doesn't work? Macy Gray. Her presence alone kills this song. I think it's clear she plateaued after that first album and that try song. Which is a shame, she seems like a nice, albeit crazy man/lady.

When I Look In Your Eyes - It's ragtime time! Andre gets his jazz on, and it makes me want to turn the ipod off. I hope this goes along with a great scene in the movie, as on it's own it's kind of wack.

Dyin' To Live - HEAR MY JAM WITH THE FUNKY PIANO. The jammin' organ intro is the best bit on this short 3000 crooner. Once again without the movie, this doesn't work at all.

A Bad Note - Jebus, did I mention there's 25 tracks on here. And the finale is about 9 minutes long. And the first 6 minutes are an instrumental jamfest with wailing guitar solos. Need to know anything else? This song serves no purpose here.

The verdict? There are enough good songs on here to make it a "good" album, but it's way too long. And a number of the jams on here are useless with the context of the movie. But it's adventurous, so full marks to Big Boi and Dre for trying to pull this off. As long as the movie doesn't bomb, this album will probably find a very large and receptive audience.

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At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Alvesto Taylor did sayeth:

What is the name of the song that Andre sings when Angel Davenport dies it was a really nice but can find on the Cd can you help? about she sit in my lap..


At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Jude did sayeth:

It's called "She lives in my Lap" and theat song is on their prevoius album called The Love Below. That is a CD with most of the songs done by Andre 3000, while Speakerboxx is composed by Big Boi


At 5:33 PM, Anonymous nitro did sayeth:

Why cant i find the song movin' cool that angel performs for her first time up.Why isnt this on the soundtrack?it's one of the best tracks on the movie.


At 4:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

The song Angel sings in the club is called Movin Cool (The After Party). Its on the album called Big Boi and Dre Present...Outkast, its their first greatest hits album.


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