Word on the Beat:: Ian Love & Hank Williams

Ian Love has been a part of so many bands I love, my record collection starts to blush even with a mention of his name. Rival Schools, onelinedrawing, Cardia?

Ian released his debut self-titled album earlier this year, and it's amazing. More stripped down than his usual brand of space rock, it quickly hit home with me. The record is a sincere, honest look into his life. In fact, I'm actually using a song from the record in my wedding. So we on the Hill are pleased as punch that Ian wanted to be a part of Word on the Beat.

Ian recorded an amazing version of Hank William's classic track, Lost on the River. I first came across this track on the Hank box set, and later when Mark Knopler and Emmylou Harris covered it on the Hank tribute record.

The delicate steel guitar and Ian's voice are a perfect combination. The track was originally recorded for the German release of his album, but he was nice enough to offer it up for us. Why did he chose it?
As far as the hank song , I used to work at brownies (a club in NY) doing sound , and I heard clem snide cover it and I always wanted to do a version as well , so when I started doing more solo shows I thought it would fit in nicely. It seemed to work nice with my voice and on top of that it's one of the most beautiful sad songs ever so I thought that kind of fits in with me as well.

M4A:: lost on the river - ian love herohill WOTB

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