Word on the Beat:: Kyle Andrews & the Beatles

It's time for another installment of Word on the Beat. This is a section on herohill we are super proud of, because it's all about musicians love for other musicians.

This time, Nashville based and Bad Man Recording Co. artist Kyle Andrews puts a unique, fun spin on the Beatles track, Hey Bulldog. This track is from the Yellow Submarine album and aside from being fantastic, it's one of the last recordings the Fab Four really worked on dyanically as a team; at least according to the band's engineer, Geoff Emerick.

According to Beatles lore, the song was originally penned (by John) as, Hey Bullfrog, but during the studio session Paul started barking for no reason. After the outburst, they changed the lyrics mid song and the rest is history.

When I asked Kyle why he chose this song, his answer was simple:
The Beatles always have great melodies, they are fun, a little crazy too. This song is totally rippin. They make hooks out of the strangest guitar figures. If I could bring the Beatles all back to life and get them to play two songs perfectly in my living room, it would be this and A Day in the Life.

MP3:: Hey Bulldog - Kyle Andrews for herohill.com
MP3:: Amos in Ohio - Kyle Andrews

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