Faith: Redux

Hey, do you guys remember Hurricane Katrina? Big ass hurricane, plowed through the gulf south, caused immeasurable damage? Hopefully you do, as I'm not quite sure the US government does. But famous people do, and what more do we need really? Charity enthusiasts U2 have teamed with American Idiots Green Day to record a charity song that will help musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The song is "The Saints Are Coming" by The Skids and the proceeds from the song will go to Music Rising, a charity initiative started by The Edge that helps Gulf Coast musicians replace instruments destroyed by Katrina. Now this is a very worthy cause, and when you combine that with the fact that the song will be played tonight when the Saints make their return to the Superdome, we may have a goosebumps moment on our hands. Well for me at least as I love the Saints and unlike many blogger types, I don't mind admitting I enjoy the U2.

As I wrote last year right after Katrina happened, football is pretty small in the grand scheme of the things that happened after Katrina. At the time I hoped the Saints would provide a little distraction and hope for the people of the Gulf South, and this was before we really knew the full extent of the damage and death caused by Katrina. The horrors that the survivors housed in the Superdome faced and the damage to the building caused many people to say the building should be torn down. Looking back, it was plenty hard to keep the faith last year. The destruction of new Orleans was so total, and the Saints were so awful, many people said they'd never play in that city again.

Thankfully that is not the case. Tonight marks the Saints return to a refurbished Superdome when they take on the Falcons on Monday Night Football. The Saints have always played a role in the lives of thousands of people in Louisiana, so hopefully tonight will truly be a rebirth of sorts. The Saints have sold all their season tickets for the first time in history, which is a small sign that the people of New Orleans are alive and well. Hopefully the other businesses and institutions in New Orleans that haven't come back yet can be rebuilt like the dome.

Go Saints. Better yet, go New Orleans.

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