Friday, September 29, 2006

News:: Friday grab bag

It's Friday, and work is a bastard today. Luckily there are some things going on to brighten the outlook::

Say what you want about Filter - I say the work they do and the artists they promote are great, but I'm not a holier than though type of guy - but two things they are involved in right now are worth mentioning::

Tom Waits has a new 3 disc set of rarities coming out called Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards. It's going to be amazing, I mean everything Waits does is, but the diversity of this set has me excited.
MP3:: Bottom of the World

Filter is also getting the bloggers involved in some tour diaries. A different reviewer for every city on two great tours (Silversun Pickups is one, the Decemberists is the other). In some shameless self-promotion, we are doing the Vancouver show for the Decemberists tour. Be that as it may, it will be great to see a cohesive collection of reviews from fans.

Tonight - one night only. It's Andrew Bird @ the Media Club. He's playing two shows, one mad early, one mad late. It sold out before I get tix to the late show, which is nice because I'm old and cranky. As a result,I will watch the sun go down listening to Bird.

He's been working on his new album, so I am hoping to get a sneak preview tonight, but for those needing an AB fix, he's also selling his collection of B-sides, unreleased live tracks and demos - Fingerlings 3.
MP3:: Scythian Empire - via IGIF

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