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Obviously, Sean Lennon gets judged on who he is, not who he is. This is unfortunate, because his debut album - Into the Sun - is fantastic. After an extended break, he's back with his follow-up record, Friendly Fire.

Sean originally found a home on the Beasties label, Grand Royal. The pairing was great, because he had found the only label in the world that didn't care who his parents were. When Grand Royal folded, the majority of artists spilled over to Capitol Records, which is Sean's current home. Up until now, he hadn't released any new material.

Most of the hype around this record is comparing his voice and sound to his father or how his use of orchestration drifts towards the McCartney side of things. I know that these comparisons are natural and destined to be made, but I think Sean is trying to make his own style of music and be judged solely on that.

My favorite track is Dead Meat. It actually lends itself more to the Elliott Smith side of things, but the combination of his vocals, strings and a simple catchy acosutic riff makes this song stick in your head. The climaxing strings and piano fit perfectly, and illustrate the songwriting skills of this young man.

As much as I liked the organized chaos that Into the Sun became, this release seems much more focused. It seems like Sean has finally decided on a style, and the cohesiveness of the record is impressive. Although he still wrote all the parts on the record, Lennon gathered some of his talented friends to play on the record (Jon Brion, Yuka Honda, Harper Simon).

To top it all off, he also produced a short film for each song on the track to help cement the aspects of love lost, jealousy and betrayal he sings about. Hopefully the creativity Sean brings with this project will force people to start judging him on his music, not his last name.

Check out the some of the tracks from the album::
MP3:: Dead Meat
Video:: Dead Meat

For more tracks by Sean Lennon, visit the hype machine.

@ 6:46 PM, Androcles kicked the following game:

Yes, Friendly Fire is an excellent album. I liked Into the Sun, but this is far better. I was surprised at how much Sean's songwriting and singing have improved. Too bad some people will like him just because of his last name, while others will hate him because they miss John and want someone to fill his shoes. But personally i just love the music. This may be to Sean what Pet sounds was to Brian Wilson. Beautiful.


@ 6:26 AM, cameron mitchell kicked the following game:

I love this cd. I totally agree with the reply left by Androcles. I liked Into the Sun but this is far better. An excellent album.


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