Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Reviews:: Canasta

I actually heard about this band from Tyler, and after hearing the songs he sent me a few times, I needed to hear more. Canasta a Chicago based six-piece, is a unique combination of musicians writing diverse rock number with piano, strings, bouncing horns (the horns on Slow Down Chicago are fantastical), clarinet, and guitars. Using sweeping harmonies and orchestral arrangements, it’s easy to see why their 2005 release – We Were Set Up – received such high praise.

Combining the melody and energy of Ben Folds and Mancino with the instrumentation of bands like the Arcade Fire, then tossing in some heavy Queen influence, this record is laden with hooks, witty lyrics (the opening lyrics from Shadowcat - Jesus talks in red, to separate the things he said – is a reference to the fact that people believe some versions of the Bible contained anything Jesus said in red, while anything else was in black), but at the same time uses intricate changes and structures. If this doesn't tickle your fancy, you are on the wrong site.

I know this is one of those posts that shows I don't really know much about the band, but it's been a while since someone suggested a few tunes and they really stuck.

Check out some tracks::
MP3:: Slow Down Chicago
MP3:: Shadowcat
MP3:: Model (Kraftwerk)

More are available on hype standard.

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