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Heavens to Betsy, this has been a nice week for new music. I’ve been a fan of Q & Not U forever, so I’m not sure how the new project from drummer John Davis slipped through the cyber-cracks. After Q & Not U disbanded, he and singer songwriter Laura Burhenn decided to join forces and such was the beginning of Georgie Jones.

I know, I know. Another male/female duo is not exactly what everyone wants in the world, but this one is a bit different. You’d be hard pressed not to fall in love with the 70’s influenced harmonies of the duo, but unlike so many other two-pieces, Georgie James doesn’t rely on overly cute melodies. Surprisingly heavy drums, interesting changes and catchy uptempo rhythms are what this duo brings to the table. Rather then abandon the music Davis played with Q & Not U so great, they are somehow able to add them to the melodies seamlessly. The resulting mixture drives the rockers on the album and adds a modern feel to folky tracks (Long Week showcases the singer/songwriter skills of Burhenn and although her vocals would be perfect for the 70’s, this song by no means feels dated, especially when the percussion kicks in).

The strongest track I’ve heard so far is More Lights. Trading vocals through the track, Laura and John perfectly create organized confusion. The melody is beautiful and catchy, but the instrumentation is complex and energetic. This track is perfect when you get your headphones cranked.

They recorded a demo CD which I’ve fallen in love with, and now their upcoming release is high on my most anticipated albums of 2006 list (if I had such a list).

Here are two tracks::
MP3:: Need Your Needs
This song grabs you within two beats. The guitar and understated handclaps are paired perfectly with Jim’s lead vocals and Laura’s backing harmonies. The funky beat suddenly turns into the duo harmonizing on a breakdown showing the strength of the project. Musically and vocally, this team is in sync and immensely talented.

MP3:: Cheap Champagne
This one’s a bit more rocking, but equally as addictive. Taking on a feel of a Maritime song, the hectic pace of this pop song is appealing. You can’t help but not along as you listen to the verses, before the punchy chorus kicks in.

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