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Evan Duby is a singer/songwriter deeply influenced by artists years older than him. Sure, everyone cites Van Morrison, Dylan, Drake and Springsteen as influences, but few actually understand the importance of the songs they recorded. Not only does Evan understands the importance of all of these artists, his music is consistently affected but the power of their recordings - especially Springsteen's classic, Nebraska. With the simple use of a 4-track, Springsteen transports the listener into the lives of some of the most vivid characters in music. But hey, let's hear what Evan has to say about the album::
There is magic in Springsteen’s Nebraska. From the cold looking cover art to the desperate characters walking through the songs, this album has always held some kind of mystery for me. This is a record were simplicity, sparseness, and lo-fi tape hiss are meaningful colors. It’s an album where the awful secret is alluded to but never revealed, where people remain unsaved, and sociopaths somehow look a bit like you and me…and the whole thing was captured at Springsteen’s house on a 4-track recorder no less.

I love them all, but no song represents all that is great on Nebraska like State Trooper. The tension in Springsteen’s original version is just plain threatening. With each listen, I play film in my head about how the main character got in this situation. Did he steal that car? What will happen if he gets pulled over? What has been bothering him his whole life? A grand sense of depth and complexity is awash in the tune yet there are only two chords in the whole number. Nebraska continues to influence my music today and I am pleased to honor the record with this cover.

MP3:: State Trooper - Evan Duby

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You're right. This is a great version.


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This download is missing! I gotta hear it.


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Should be able to grab it now


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