You Can Get With Black Sheep....Again

I handle the hip hop end of things here at the hill. While we get a fair bit of email about the latest and greatest band or artist, the majority of that is on the indie rock tip. And of the very few hip hop tidbits we get sent to us, very few make me want to write anything. But an email with the subject "Black Sheep Returns"? Now that is worth writing about. Yes, I do mean that Black Sheep. The Native Tongue-affiliated duo responsible for such classic jams as Strobelite Honey, Flavor Of The Month, and of course the ubiquitous The Choice Is Yours.

After releasing A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing and Non-Fiction, Black Sheep sorted of faded from the scene like many golden age groups. But luckily for me, you, and everybody, Black Sheep are indeed back. Andre “Dres” Titus and William “Mister Lawnge” McLean are releasing a new album on their own record label, Bumrush Records. 8WM/NOVAKANE drops on October 24th and is a digital-only release. 8WM stands for "Women With Women With Weed With Wine With Me", I think it's safe to say the Sheep haven't lost their sense of humour.

They haven't lost their hip hop chops either, as the first couple singles are both quite good. Unlike a number of old school cats who try the DIY comeback route, Dres and Mister Lawnge seem like they've cooked up some quality production to match Dres' vocal skills, which are as sharp as ever. The big drums and horns on Whodat are mighty catchy and wouldn't be out of place on any major label release. Dres is as he was, a fairly unique voice in the hip hop world, which is something very much needed. Dres himself makes a similar and very accurate observation in an interview I read recently: "Back then you got a deal because you didn't sound like anybody, now, you get a deal because you sound like everybody."

So unless you're a mindless lemming waiting for the next dude who sounds like Jay or Jeezy, do yourself a favour and check out Black Sheep's comeback album.

Check out a stream of WHODAT

Check out the Sheep on myspace for another new song and a live youtube performance.

@ 10:34 AM, RedShirtDave kicked the following game:

Props on the story, just the kind of news I wanted to hear! This is like believing in Santa Claus again! Much respect for Black Sheep trying to maintain in the hiphop world as is it today - worrying. Maybe im old and stuck in the past, but what happened to the fun hiphop, the stuff that had character? Hard to find right? I think i've already put high expectations on the release already! But if 'Whodat?' is anything to go by, i'll leave milk and cookies for Santa, haha


@ 4:58 PM, Jason kicked the following game:

"Back then you got a deal because you didn't sound like anybody, now, you get a deal because you sound like everybody" Hits the nail on the head.


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