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Herohill takes Vietnam. This is a quickfast, since you pay out the dong for Internet here (legit, as it's 300 dong per minute here). Anyway, the Devastions are hitting Vancouver, have a great new album and are kicking it on the first sixeyes tour. We did a quick Q & A with Tom::

HH:: What prompted the move from Australia to the UK, and does the crazy amount of distance affect how Australian bands approach generating a North American fan base?
Tom:: We moved from Australia precisely for that reason – 30 hours in transit can really mess with you financially and spiritually. It’s just not an option to do it regularly. Also, with Beggars and Brassland releasing Coal this year it made sense for us to move to the northern hemisphere. As far as generating a US fan base,.. well, that remains to be seen!

HH:: The more I listen to the record, the more I notice how much the instrumentation really helps set the tone of the songs and compliments your lyrics. How does the writing process work? Is the music created after the lyrics, or do you write words to fit riffs you guys come up with?
Tom:: It’s always different. Sometimes the words come first. Sometimes the chords. Sometimes it comes simultaneously. The way I see it, there’s 4 parts to every song – words, chords, recorded arrangement and live arrangement and if any of these factors are senseless then the song’s going to suck. We just try to make these things make sense to us in some way. If anyone else can do the same with our music then that’s a bonus.

HH:: The internet has become a launching pad for new bands. MP3 blogs, downloading, and myspace have enough pull to get bands noticed by the bigger public. How do you guys feel about people downloading your songs and the change the Internet has made on the music industry in general?
Tom:: Personally, I’m pretty new to computers and the internet and just where they’re taking music. I think it’s better to play (or be played) in front of as many people as possible. Or maybe we can start a site called Shyspace and just listen to our own music forever.

HH:: I'd be taking the easy way out if I didn't ask you
if it's frustrating to constantly get compared to Nick Cave (we did the same thing in our review) instead of being judged as just you?
Tom:: I don’t have a problem with it whatsoever. Every reviewer has to compare something new to something older. It stands to reason. Having said that, I don’t think we sound remotely like Nick Cave.

HH:: How did you guys get hooked up the Beggars Banquet? The label seems to be made up of bands with similar philosophies and at times, similar sounds - how do you guys feel you fit in to their stable of bands?
Tom:: It’s something we never though would happen to us. You kind of become accustomed to sending recordings to labels and never hearing anything more. We didn’t expect to hear back from them. Nor did we expect
Brassland to do the same. When Brassland did they even used the words ‘against our better judgement!! Strangely, hearing that actually made us feel

@ 4:46 PM, Lindsay kicked the following game:

wow... posting from Nam... that's committment.


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