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File this under "information you will read about 100 times before you actually read it here."
Subpop will be releasing the Shin's third full length release, entitled Wincing the Night Away. Without question, this album will be scrutinized. It will spawn countless hater-essays about how Garden State ruined the Shins (while ignoring the fact they did a McDonald's commercial too) and be torn apart by hipsters everywhere.

I'll go on record saying I don't care if the Shins are played in every Starbuck's, GAP and Urbn Outfitters in the world. They are a fantastic band worth any attention they get. I'm stoked to hear the record, so even a stupid update like the offical tracklist is great news. So, here it is::
Sleeping Lessons
Pam Berry
Phantom Limb - first single
Sea Legs
Red Rabbits
Turn on Me
Black Wave
Spilt Needles
Girl Sailor
A Comet Appears

@ 8:46 PM, bright rhino kicked the following game:

I just finished listening to this album. Overall, a 6 out of 10 from me. This time the production is definitely more experimental and interesting. The lyrics are pure Shins with plenty of metaphors (I'm sitting on the handlebars of a blind man's bike) for anyone still trying to find themself (Zach Braff) to identify with. One thing noticeably missing are the sing-along, stuck-in-your-head melodies that were so apparent on the first two albums. This time the songs are melodically scattered and at times may even leave the listener feeling exhausted. You'll have to listen to these songs many, many times before you'll be able to whistle them in the shower. Having just finished listening to this album, here is a breakdown of each track while it's fresh in my mind:

1. Sleeping Lessons
Forgettable until the last minute or so then it picks up and gets interesting.
2. Austrailia
Can't remember it very well, sorry
3. Pam Berry
Short segway to track 4
4. Phantom Limb
Sub Pop has this as the first single, of the first 4 songs, this one is the better, but at this point I was still waiting for something great.
5. Sea Legs
This was the only song that I wanted to hear again as soon as it finished, my favorite track so far
6. Red Rabbits
Boring up until about half way, then it gets creepy and interesting...then it finishes boring again.
7. Turn On Me
Trying to be like Gone For Good, but not as good, in fact not very good at all.
8. Black Wave
I liked this one. Melancholy, and repetitive in a good way. Sea Legs is still my favorite.
9. Split Needles
This one just drowns in with other tracks.
I skipped to the next track halfway through.
10. Girl Sailor
This song is probably my 2nd favorite next to Sea Legs. Chorus melody is better than the verse melody.
11. A Comet Appears
I actually shut my ipod off before this song finished.

Anyway, that's my honest, first gut reaction to the record. 2 good songs off the first listen, Sea Legs and Girl Sailor. I'm sure the other songs will grow on me in time. Overall an average record.


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