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Now I hate to give a bag of douche like Rush Limbaugh an ounce more press than he already gets, but I couldn't resist the chance to post a little something on the firestorm that has resulted from him calling Michael J. Fox a fraud. Especially after I read a rather comical article this AM in the Toronto Star that opens with the following paragraph:

"Now, I know this may offend those who suffer from this particular condition, and these individuals might not like it much when I suggest that a certain person with this diagnosis is exaggerating his symptoms, but I have to say, I think Rush Limbaugh is just pretending to be a dick."

Keep in mind the Toronto Star is the largest daily paper in Canada, and contains an article calling Rush Limbaugh a dick. There's something else you can add to the "Why Canada's a Great Country" file. But you can see why people are hating on the Rush man. By all accounts, pretty much everyone likes Alex P. Keaton. Oh, I guess everyone except the chick who played Raymond's wife. And Kurt Warner. Oh, and Jeff Suppan. And, uh, Mike Sweeney. Certainly some serious star power in the anti-stem cell crowd!

The Canadian-born Mike Fox (Edmonton born, Burnaby raised) was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1991, and by anyone's account he's endured the disease with courage and dignity. His foundation has raised something like 80 million for research and he's testified before congress on behalf of stem cell research a number of times. He's also spoke out in favour of Republican candidates who back stem cell research, something Rush Windbag probably omitted on purpose. Seriously, the level of partisan, "my team versus yours", nuttiness in the US amazes me.

But not even the clip below of Rush doing his impression of Michael J. Fox surprises me, we all knew the guy's a jerk. Perhaps he should've followed it up with a Stevie Wonder impression, or pretended to talk like Marlee Matlin. Stay Classy Rush! I hope Mike gets all the stem cell research he wants.

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