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As a favour to our loyal readers, I'm going to hip you to a new trend, get you in on the ground floor. Collabos are hot in hip hop right now. Well perhaps I should re-phrase, as the collabo has been a staple in hip hop since before Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick put on a Show. I should say collabos between hip hop dudes and dudes you certainly wouldn't think of as hip hop are all the rage right now.

Just look at my Matt Mays post, where I mentioned Buck 65 kicks a verse on Matt's lead single. Buck isn't the hip hopin-est dude anymore, but still. Perhaps Kanye started the trend by getting the effeminate dude from Maroon 5 to sing a hook for him, or at least Kanye would tell you he started it. Kanye's protege Lupe Fiasco has some dude named Mathew Santos croon it up Latin style on American Terrorist. Jedi Mind Tricks has Sufjan Stevens affiliated Shara Worden, aka My Brightest Diamond, on their up with people single Razorblade Salvation. DJ Shadow has Chris James from Stateless, a band I've never heard of, on two of the tracks from his latest album.

And perhaps you've heard of Gnarls Barkley, a collabo comprised of two hip hop dudes that is producing some non-traditional hip hop music. Which might not prove exactly the point I was making but it's close. Somehow that leads us to the Halloween-appropriate Monster Maker, the collabo between the slept on C-Rayz Walz and DJ/Producer Sharkey. They've come together to create music that I'll compare to Gnarls Barkley because I'm lazy, but has a more hip hop edge due to C-Rayz underground MC skills.

The first single, My Way, sounds promising and you can check it out for yourself below. They're touring as well, and I imagine the live show is going to be rather interesting, so check for them in your hood.

MP3::Monster Maker - My Way

Tour Dates:
Oct 27 2006 Washington, DC - Black Cat w/ Spank Rock
Oct 29 2006 Baltimore, MD - Goodlove w/ Pnyce

Dec 1 2006 Oakland, California
Dec 2 2006 Rickshaw: San Francisco, CA
Dec 3 2006 Sacramento, California
Dec 4 2006 Chico, California
Dec 5 2006 Portland, Oregon
Dec 6 2006 Eureka, California
Dec 7 2006 Salt Lake City, Utah
Dec 8 2006 Ft. Worth, Texas
Dec 9 2006 Austin, TX
Dec 10 2006 Atlanta, Georgia
Dec 14 2006 Wilmington, North Carolina
Dec 15 2006 Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel w/ Pnyce

@ 12:55 PM, DJ Indiana Jones kicked the following game:

Don't forget To Check Em Out in Brooklyn @
Bar Sputnik
262 Taaffe Place (BTWN Dekalb & Willoughby)
w/ The Grey Kid, Bisc1, Mudkids, & DJ P Nyce
Thursday Nov. 2


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