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With Ack off gallivanting around Vietnam in honeymoonal bliss, I'm free to talk about Maritime bands without having to face his ridicule for not writing about bands that feature solos on obscure instruments or groups that sing haunting sea shanties that make one consider the paradox that is life. haha, like Matty B, I'm just messing with you friend, enjoy Vietnam.

But I am going to talk about at least one Maritime band, the pride of Eastern Passage, Matt Mays & El Torpedo. They're back with a new album - When The Angels Make Contact. Although this album is being billed as Matt Mays, sans El Torpedo, so I'm not sure if the Torpedo is gone or they're just don't get credit anymore. Whatever the case, the album comes out Nov 7th, but you can check it out in streaming format on the site set up for the album.

When The Angels Make Contact is kind of a concept album in that's a sonudtrack for a movie that doesn't exist. Or maybe it was intended to exist, as the bio on myspace says the film was abandoned due to "financial constraints". So I'm not sure if there ever was a movie, but they have a trailer for it so who knows. Either way, the "film" and album are intended to tell the story of JJ Carver, a man who had his wife and or girlfriend stolen and is now drifting from place to place a lonely, troubled man.

So as you might expect with such subject matter, the album strikes a somber mood pretty much throughout. The music is a little sparse compared to Mays' last outing with his Torpedo crew, a lot of the jams are on the acoustic guitar tip, but there are some uptempo rockers thrown in to spice things up.

Mays is also showing some experimentation with his sound as there's some funky instrumentals on this album and some he uses some electronic sounds which seems to be a new development for him. I mean would you expect to hear a Roger Troutman style vocoder used on a Matt mays album? Well that's what you'll find on Midnight Is The Time. There's even some scratching thrown in on Under My Senses to let the kids know Matt is down with the Hip Hop. If that's not enough, Buck65 even kicks a verse on When The Angels Make Contact, which I enjoyed as that one verse is probably better than anything on Secret House Against The World.

So check out the new album and peep the video for When The Angels Make Contact below. I especially Buck65 as the arcade genie and the dudes in the skiv truck with the random Aussie accents.

@ 6:01 AM, Shelley kicked the following game:

I can't wait for this CD. And no, it's not an El Torpedo project, it's a Matt solo record (with appearances by most of the Torpedos.) Apparently he considers El Torpedo the band he's lead singer of, and occasionally he likes to try other stuff.

Looking at the trailer, I'm a little sorry there isn't really a movie.


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