Reviews:: Daniel Hutchens Love Songs for Losers

Certain artists deliver material that regardless of whether or not you like the songs, you can sense the sincerity. While these artists are good, artists that maintain that sincerity when delivering great songs are few and far between. Daniel Hutchens is one of those artists.

Fans will remember his work with Bloodkin, but his solo work is much more personal and relies on the subtleties that can only exist when you record for yourself. The subtle creak of strings, or small breathes you let escape when you are immersed in what is yours. From the pounding drums riff of Haunting Montezuma, to the car on the highway feel of Cleopatra Casto to the slow methodical plod of Black and White Snapshots in the Bottle Tree Bar, Hutchens lyrics scream the emotion of the South. It's too easy to throw out comparisons, so I want to step away from it and let his effort stand on its own. He lures you in with lazy porch swing tracks like Love Unconditional and hits you hard with powerful guitar licks Blood From the Rock. His music is the type you wish your friend with a guitar played so you could sing along with him when he plays for five or six people. They type of song you play over and over and start to feel like you are as much a part of the song as it is of you.

Daniel is at his best on tracks like Halloween Valentine and Sacrifice when his voice and an upbeat acoustic riff dominates the track, and his lyrics echo drunken remorse in Whiskeytown manner (sorry, I had to put one in).

I wish I could come up with a better description for the record, but perhaps what hit home the most for me was Underground Cafe, 1923. The songs tells a story, nothing of consequence - just what everyone goes through when you fall in love, but it drips with emotion. A bass line that feels like it was tossed in after Daniel played the track for an audience of one, hundreds of time before anyone else heard it, and an occassional electric riff completes the simplicity of the song. Simplicity in meaning, simplicity in being. It's that type of emotion that we can all relate to.

This record is coming out on Autumn Tone records. It's a small release from the DIY label. Take the time to listen, but take the time to support the music that we love to hear.
MP3:: Blood From the Rock
MP3:: Red Velvet Cake

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