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I'll be the first to admit that I've been horrible lately with respect to Canadian content, especially local bands from Vancouver. Well, like Lebowski's rug, this post should really help tie together Shane's Sloan coverage. Sloan is playing the Commodore on Oct. 22nd, and getting the opening spot is Vancouver's own, The Yoko Casionos.

Unlike their name, this band is a no nonsense, power pop outfit. Crunchy guitars, nice boy/girl vocals - courtesy of Misty and Chad Reid - basically all the ingredients needed to complete a fun rock n' roll show. The record, These are the New Old Times, is laced with the type of catchy pop tracks that are missing from today's indie scene. Too many bands today believe writing a nice hook isn't enough, and struggle trying to complicate the routine. TYC goes the other route. They hook you early with guitars and big sounding drums, then deliver vocals that almost force you to sing along (nowhere is this more evident than catchy harmonies of the title track).

For anyone in the Vancouver area, it would be a good idea to show up for this one. The two bands have been known to have a good time together.
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