R.I.P. Trevor Berbick

By now I'm sure we've all seen some coverage detailing the violent death of former Heavyweight Champ, Trevor Berbick. Jamaican police have arrested a man they believe killed Berbick over a land dispute. Berbick led a crazy life, sometimes literally, but he started his boxing career here in Haltown, so was only right that we note his passing.

Berbick fought in the 1976 Montreal Olympics for Jamaica and stayed in Canada after they finished. He made his way to Halifax and started his professional career here. In fact he lived in a townhouse 2 minutes from my parents house. No one thought he had much of a career ahead of him, but big Trev proved them wrong, at least to a degree. He actually won a heavyweight title belt before getting his equilibrium knocked perhaps permanently off kilter by Mike Tyson in his first title defence. He also won the Canadian heavywight title at a time when perhaps it meant something.

But Berbick had a dark side to his personality, and was by all accounts a paranoid, and rather insane fellow. He was convicted of sexual assault in Florida which he escaped by coming back to Canada before ultimately returning to the US and being deported. His reputation for trouble was such that Stephen Brunt, the author of the first article linked in this post writes the following:

"The truth is, though, that if someone were to be found hacked to death in a Jamaican churchyard, Trevor Berbick wouldn't be the last name to cross your mind."

Yowtch. Obviously his troubling death was the end to a troubled life. While Many people remember him for being the last person to defeat Muhammad Ali, here at the hill we'll remember him for a different reason. Berbick had quite a feud with Larry Holmes, in one famous incident he was attacked by Holmes and while he was complaining about the assault to everyone present, Holmes ran over cars and leaped on him. Mario immortalized this moment on the famous old school tape we watch every year, and you can watch it below. R.I.P. Berbick.

@ 8:21 PM, Mario kicked the following game:

The flying kick off the car is a move very seldom used. This is one of my all-time favorite confrontation moves. This easily takes the cake over those lame press conferences when the 2 boxers fight it out.


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