Word On The Beat:: Hezekiah Jones vs. Palace Brothers

Wow, are we ever hyped up about this one. Raphael of Hezekiah Jones fame offered up a nice take on the Palace Brothers (Will Oldham) track, I am a Cinematographer.

If you haven't checked out Hezekiah Jones album, Hezekiah Says You're A-OK you are missing out. Still not sold? Check out our review. Still not sold? Well I've got two strong words for you.... come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

MP3:: I am a Cinematographer - Hezekiah Jones (WOTB - Palace Brothers cover)

@ 5:51 PM, gnar mcgnar kicked the following game:

hezekiah jones is a genius...not only is he the smartest most musicaly talented snail you will ever meet he is also very nice and you will probably meet a another snail as generous as him. he enjoys kevin costner movies and long walks on the beach...seriously...buy his cd...hes nice...


@ 3:32 PM, Red Robin H kicked the following game:

sounds just as awesome as it did in your car on that street in ardmore on that day when you played it for me and i give you kudos, many kudos.


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