Myspace finds:: Russ Fink and Outrageous Cherry

When it comes to this whole myspace thing, Herohill is like a high school slut's worst nightmare: we are late. We kind of have a philosophy that we'd rather try to soak up full albums than just overwhelm you with track after cool track from artist we know nothing about. That being said, with so many artists using the myspace environment as a calling card, it is hard to ignore the power.

So, despite the constant warnings of sexual predators, we made the jump. So what the hell, friend us - and, like Russ Fink, you might catch our ear.

Russ is a singer/songwriter, but that term throws him into too many stereotypes. He's not trying to be Nick Drake and draw you in with depressing, finger-picked, folky melodies and he's not trying to write songs that makes girls lust after him wondering if his love can be as true for them. He's more concerned with telling stories that seem more gritty than dreamy and uses a stripped down style to accentuate the realism he portrays. Instead of trying to be too clever and too smart, Russ approaches his songs with a straight-ahead honesty that you can't help but respect.
"I am desperate and I am dying, I am cold and relying on the pills that I am buying, from a man who I don't know."

He's streaming four demos on his site, but here are links to a couple of nice tracks:
MP3:: Another State of Mind
MP3:: Wintering the Day

On the other side of the coin, we have Outrageous Cherry. From the booming horns on the anthem-esque Pretty Girl Goes Insane to the New Prons styled layers, pounding drums and keyboards of Paranoid World, this veteren outfit from Detroit is making some fantastic pop music. Crunchy guitars, 60's styled vocal parts (complete with lovely Ooh, la, las). Not much else you can ask for really.

Don't believe us? Check out some tracks:
MP3:: Paranoid World
MP3:: Memphis Stereo

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