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I came across Z-Ro's album on the weekend and figured I'd give it a listen. More to the point, Z-Ro's album was among the bounty the Internets provided for me this weekend, so I thought, "I didn't pay for this, I might as well listen to the first couple songs". The first song was so-so, kind of "streets is hard" by numbers type thing. The second song was called Continue 2 Roll, and it uses the beat from Spandau Ballet's, Set Adrift On Memory Bliss. Yes, the same beat that PM Dawn used for their song of the same name.

After I stopped laughing, I wanted to hear more. I mean from the first song it would seem mr Z-Ro is presenting himself as a battle-scarred veteran of the "streetz". So what is with the Spandau/PM Dawn beat? He even has some chick doing the "da da da, daaa" bit in the background. I mean doesn't Z-Ro know KRS-One pushed PM Dawn off the stage! Not the toughest beat to be spittin' your rugged raps over. I mean, from what Google tells me, it seems the big Z is back in jail again. I dunno if the rep generated by PM Dawn-style rap jams is going to keep you shank-free in the hoosegow.

I have to assume dudes like Z-Ro figure his audience of young thugs & hardrocks are too young and/or gangster to have heard of either PM Dawn or Spandau Ballet. But I know our readership is full of young thungs & hardrocks, so you heard the truth here boppers!

Needless to say, I was now intrigued by Z-Ro, so I checked out the rest of the album. A quick perusal of the track list, revealed the last song is called Battlefield. NO I think to myself, it can't be. Yes, it can. Battlefield uses the beat from Pat Benetar's Love Is A Battlefield! Well this just slays me. I hope Z-Ro does an 80's style video for this song where his mean, stereotypically white suburban Dad kicks him out so he has to go to the big mean city and strip in a Madonna impersonator bar for cash and then he and his Madonna look-a-like posse dance fight some greasy dude in a white vest. On a side note, the video for Love Is A Battlefield is awesome!

I'll mention that in between the two jams I've talked about are some down-south, streets of Houston, "I have a great deal of money and I will also shoot you" songs. So in order to find out who Z-Ro really is, I consult the ole Wikipedia. Here are the final few sentences of the first paragraph:

He released a number of other albums during the same early-2000s stretch, having begun a couple years earlier with Look What You Did to Me (1998). He has been featured on Bun B's single "Get Throwed" with Pimp C, Jay-Z, and Young Jeezy. In a recent interview, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said that he believes that Z-Ro is "the most important artist of his generation."

Umm, what's that last sentence again? In a recent interview, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said that he believes that Z-Ro is "the most important artist of his generation." hahahaha, really, that is awesome. I don't care if it's someone's idea of a joke. If Wiki tells me Kofi Annan thinks Z-Ro is the "most important artist of his generation", well so do I. You should too.

That is all.

@ 2:33 PM, JD kicked the following game:

fuck you z-ro is the greatest


@ 12:34 AM, lori kicked the following game:

For real...FUCK YOU... Z-RO is the greatest.


@ 7:21 PM, mz zro kicked the following game:

fuck all hating muthafuckas..... z-ro is the best thing that has ever happened to rap and if you dont know you better recognize!!!! he is the greatest rapper and he is the only rapper music i jam cause he be on some real ass shit and dont be bragging ang gloating about what the fuck he got and thats whats up!!!!!


@ 10:50 PM, Meat kicked the following game:

Man this bitch is hating on Ro so hard, damn nigga get a life


@ 4:19 PM, lil c kicked the following game:

bitch fuck u fuckin bitch ass nigga


@ 7:41 PM, DaDirtiest kicked the following game:

Can't be hatin on Ro, he's a lyrical genius.
Nothing else to say.


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