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Quite often, when a band gets successful, members jump into the side project racquet. Sometimes they are combinations of members of other bands (Swan Lake) and sometimes one member just works on solo material (Amy Milan, Emily Haines, Jason Collett). Well now Stars front man Torquil Campbell is throwing his hat back into the ring with another release under the Memphis moniker - A Little Place in the Wilderness.

Torquil and Chris Dumont create some down tempo pop songs that hover around the softer side of the Stars catalog. Perhaps it’s because the breathy sincerity of Torquil’s voice is so recognizable, or perhaps it’s the way that Chris crafts the tune to fit Torquil’s voice, but these songs hit you on the first listen with the familiarity of an old friend. At certain points, you expect Amy’s voice to start trading vocals and adding harmonies (like the standout tracks I’ll Do Whatever You Want or In the Cinema Alone).

As you really get into the record, you start to hear the subtle diversity. The songs are more relaxed. The duo (plus countless guests) seems to explore their sound on every track. From the upbeat jazzy bop of Incredibly Drunk on Whisky to the eerie mood of the spoken word track, A Ghost Story, the duo really takes some chances and breaks away from the uptempo pop you’ve come to expect.

It’s the type of music you play after you head home for the evening. As it plays softly through your headphones, these songs are the tiny window between consciousness and sleep. Of course any Stars fan will be all over this record, but it’s more than that.

They are playing here in Vancouver on Nov. 9th @ the Media Club.
MP3:: In The Cinema Alone

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