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What is it about sultry female vocals over top of mellow instrumentation? It gets me everytime. The Postmarks on are on the cusp of being huge. They are getting blog love and were featured on Grey's Anatomy. Granted I've never seen seen the show, but I know people are fantatical about the dude from Can't Buy Me Love.

The Postmarks are a three-piece from Miami and their debut self-titled is due out on Unfiltered Records (home of Ivy - which also can be listed in the influences that can be heard in this band's work) in January. The centerpiece of the songs are the fantastic vocals of Tim Yehezkely; playful, witty, melancholy female vocals that will remind you of Mazzy Star and melt your heart. As the record progresses you can't help but get caught up in her voice. Normally with these type of records the songs start to blend together, but the more I listen to the songs, the more impressed I become. It's the little things, like the surprise addition of horns to end of You Know Which Way the Wind Blows, the uptempo, Fleetwood mac-ish guitars on You Drift Away, and the subtle layered harmonies of Let Go that keep me coming back.

She's backed by Chris and John who deliver the instrumentation needed to fill out the tracks. Well placed, but subdued fuzzed out guitar work. Xylophones. Light brushed drums. Electric piano and loops. These are the ingredients for a nice record but when used in access become a cluttered mess. Luckily for us, the band manages to avoid the overproduction that kills the vibe and nicely treads the line between lounge jazz and perfect pop.

The track that is making the rounds is Goodbye, but the song I find myself repeating is happy pop ditty, Looks Like Rain. Channeling the elements I love about Pizzicato Five and Cibo Matto, the Postmarks create a sweet pop song without giving the listener a toothache. It's a record full of tracks you can throw on in the background, or for song three on any mix tape.

Take a listen. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
MP3:: Goodbye - via blow up doll
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